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Tipping Megathread


Hello, everyone! Threads about tipping are getting a little out of hand and stifling other discussion in the subreddit, so the mod team has decided to limit posting about tipping to this megathread until further notice.

Please remember that service staff being underpaid is due to bosses refusing to pay a living wage, and that service staff are not at fault for participating in a tip-based economy. Comments that place unfair blame on service staff will be actioned accordingly.

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We’re doing it wrong

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Sadly, this is the new reality for a lot of us and it’s impossible to live through it


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Harvard Tells Grad Students to Get Food Stamps to Supplement The Unlivable Wages It Pays Them


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My boss fired me because he found out I was attempting to help my daughter with an abortion after she was abused, now I'm not sure how how to proceed


Thanks to the people who helped and posted or sent me resources, I was able to resolve the first and most important part of my problem.

I'll be able to buy the medical resource my daughter needs to abort the pregnancy she endured after being abused by those who drugged and took advantage of her.

Someone has also offered to save me the costs of gas by voluntarily offering to drive us the long way to the facility that we need to go to.

Also will be sent tomorrow a weeks worth of food to stock the fridge to lower spending on food as I apply for a new job. However long that takes (hopefully quickly before that's gone).

However, even though my daughter's health has been resolved, I still lost my job due to my terrible bosses political beliefs.

But hopefully I'll get hired sooner than later for a new job. Hopefully one that can help me finally gather enough funds to move out of Alabama. But that's probably likely going to take awhile.

Thanks to everyone posting advice in the comments, and who sent me several resources directly, and legal phone numbers to deal with the false reason made up by my boss for the termination. All because he wanted to force his political beliefs on me.

I'm still going to check into that auntinetwork people recommended. In fact, some appear to have contacted me from that sub including the person volunteering to drive us.

I'm not going to lie and say there isn't water in my eyes, but I am going to lie and say I'm not crying.

I can't thank everyone here enough for helping my family. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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You're in school, working two jobs and attend church? Gonna need proof.

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The biggest price gouger ever could def pay more than $18…

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Federal judge says insurers no longer have to provide some preventive care services, including cancer and heart screenings, at no cost. Employers and insurance companies working together to keep screwing people


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Wisconsin State Supreme Court election is in four days. if Ds win court majority, they will throw out R gerrymander, making it likelier that Ds will take state legislature in future elections and expand medicaid, raise minimum wage above federal minimum

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I quit my job at Cumulus Media because I won't be a party to hate speech


I was a chief engineer for Cumulus Media until a couple of months ago when the company decided to begin airing Matt Walsh. I took my issue with this change all the way to the CEO (Mary Berner) for two months after I got the memo about the change. I was literally the person whose job it was to program the satellite receiver and automation system to make the program air on my local "news/talk" station.

I finally resigned when they made it clear that hate propaganda makes too much money and they weren't giving it up. The first day Matt Walsh aired, within the first 15 minutes he stated:

"I will find many more ways to upset you in 2023. I guarantee no question about it. Except that if I could just clarify one thing. I am not going to move on from or forget what you call my anti trans hysteria quote unquote, until until the trans movement has been totally and completely destroyed. That much I can promise you. I want it to be completely laying in ash and ruin. That's what I want."

Over a number of weeks leading up to the show airing, I showed them many other instances where Matt Walsh has incited violence against trans people. They don't care. Ironically, Mary Berner apparently has a child who is trans. Money > Family apparently.

There were also transphobic posts left by employees who happened to be conservative talk show hosts that were left in the "DEI Safe Space" company forum, including comments disparaging me as a trans person personally, and they were left to stand, not deleted and no disciplinary action was taken.

You can find a list of local Cumulus Media stations here: https://www.cumulusmedia.com/listen/station-finder/

If you listen to terrestrial radio, their stations are easily identifiable at the top of the hour after the legal ID, as most include "A Cumulus Media Station" after the ID.

Let their advertisers know you will not spend money with them until they stop buying on Cumulus Media stations. We need to hit these hate-propaganda spreading media companies where it hurts.

You should also know that Cumulus Media owns Westwood One, which is a media distribution company that syndicates Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, Ben Shapiro and many other hate-artists.

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He speaks the true true


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Imma get fired lol

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Reminder to ALWAYS check your TIMECARD. Update to my last about my manager changing my clock out times.


This is an update to my other post about my manager changing my clock out time and lying through his teeth about it.

TIL version of the story so far

I work 10:30pm-6:30am. Always on time. Always leave on time or later (overtime) checked my timecard on the ADP app. It said I clocked out at 5:14am on the 18th. Which is not right, I know I left 6:40am that day. Coincidentally the same 72 hours I submitted an OSHA complaint and they got fined this happens. I also was about to go into over time. The money I was missing I NEEDED for rent. I worked for it.

So, as my manager wasn't helping besides saying someone must of accidentally used my clock in number (found out that was a lie) he couldn't tell me who or where, which would all be tracked via ADP. Red flag.

"sorry you can't pay your rent, your money will be on your next check" no. I wasn't taking that as an answer. I do not work for free.

I called my old manager, he was always more helpful. He said he'd get me the number to the main office payroll lady. I call her. Everything's going good, she's looking into it. She then tells me "the clock out was system generated" she couldn't tell me what that meant besides a "glitch" (yeah, right) and that I would get my money on Monday when the owner came back to town. Again, I wasn't taking that as an answer.

I asked her to please write me an email explaining why you can't pay me, why you're making me work for free, and why exactly this happened. Remember how I said the phone call was going good? Her tone COMPLETELY changed.

"I can probably write you an email"

I asked "why probably? I'd like a written record of why you're making me work for free"

"Uhmm uhmm, PermaBeebed, let me call you back in an hour"

10 minutes later, I get a text from her

"PermaBeebed, the rest of your check will be at the office at 3:30pm have a good weekend"

You're goddamn right it will lady. I basically had to bully these people into getting the money I worked for, and rely on to have a place to live.

I just submitted my retaliation report because of the timing of this was too perfect, and I believe it was intentional because they got fined by OSHA because of me. Her lack of wanting to give me details, a written explanation, if it will happen again, etc was just red flags all over in my head.

I'm pretty sure I made the owner drive 6 hours into town just to drop it off 😁


Edit: Got into my work and got my check. With a desperate apology text from my manager after I had to shake him down for answers. This isnt over though.

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Gen Z job seekers are rattling older managers by asking about work-life balance in the first interview


Ya don't say

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Please live your life. You only got one.

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95% of people who “love their job” have Stockholm Syndrome. My mind can never be changed on that.


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Antiwork or anti American working culture?


I'm a lurker of this sub from western Europe and with a lot of posts that I see here I think what I put in the title: this sub doesn't seem antiwork, but anti the way American corporate companies are allowed to treat employees.

My job: - Decent salary for 36 weekly hour

  • 13 salaries a year

  • Overhours are rare but added to vacation hours

  • 5 weeks paid leave

  • Holliday allowance (8% of yearly salary)

  • Educational budget

  • Wellness budget (for sports etc.)

This is quite normal where I live, I see work as fulfilling, as a way to develop myself, discover the world amd meet people, mostly.

Shouldn't the focus be pro juridical reform instead of antiwork?

Edit: spelling and layout

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PA Factory explodes after staff reported smell of natural gas odor

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A woman pulled alive from the rubble of a Pennsylvania chocolate factory after an explosion that killed seven co-workers says her arm caught fire as flames engulfed the building - and then she fell through the floor into a vat of liquid chocolate. WEST READING, Pennsylvania -- A woman pulled alive from the rubble of a West Reading, Pennsylvania chocolate factory after an explosion that killed seven co-workers says her arm caught fire as flames engulfed the building - and then she fell through the floor into a vat of liquid chocolate.

The dark liquid extinguished her blazing arm, but Patricia Borges wound up breaking her collarbone and both of her heels. She would spend the next nine hours screaming for help and waiting for rescue as firefighters battled the inferno and choppers thumped overhead at the R.M. Palmer Co. factory.

"When I began to burn, I thought it was the end for me," Borges, 50, told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview from her hospital bed in West Reading, Pennsylvania, just minutes from the chocolate factory where she worked as a machine operator. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board planned to interview Borges on Friday.

The March 24 blast at R.M. Palmer killed seven of Borges's co-workers and injured 10. Federal, state and local investigations are underway. A cause has not been determined, but the federal transportation safety agency has characterized it as a natural gas explosion.

Borges said she and others had complained about a gas odor about 30 minutes before the factory blew up. She is angry Palmer didn't immediately evacuate. She said the deaths of her co-workers - including her close friend, Judith Lopez-Moran - could've been prevented.

Others workers have also said they smelled natural gas, according to their relatives. Palmer, a 75-year-old, family-run company with deep roots in the small town 60 miles (96 kilometers) northwest of Philadelphia, has not responded to questions about the workers' claims.

Speaking in Spanish over videoconference, her eyes bruised and her burned right arm heavily bandaged, Borges recounted her terrifying brush with death.

The factory was getting ready for a product switch that day, so instead of running a candy-wrapping machine as usual, she was helping to clean.

At 4:30 p.m., Borges told the AP, she smelled natural gas. It was strong and nauseated her. Borges and her co-workers approached their supervisor, asking "what was going to be done, if we were going to be evacuated," she recalled.

Borges said the supervisor noted someone higher up would have to make that decision. So she got back to work.

Just before 5 p.m., the two-story brick building exploded.

Borges, who'd been on a ladder, was thrown to the ground. She heard screaming. There was fire everywhere, and the flames quickly overtook her. "I asked God why he was giving me such a horrible death," she said. "I asked him to save me, that I didn't want to die in the fire."

She began to run. That's when the floor gave way, and she could feel herself falling - into a long, horizontal tank of chocolate in the factory's basement. At 4 feet, 10 inches tall, Borges landed on her feet in chest-high liquid.

The chocolate extinguished the flames, but she believes her fall is what broke her feet.

The vat began filling with water from firefighters' hoses, eventually forcing Borges to climb out as it reached neck level. She sat on the lip of the tank, then jumped into a pool of water that had formed on the basement floor. Briefly submerged, Borges said she swallowed a mouthful of water before surfacing. She grabbed onto some plastic tubing.

And then she waited.

"Help, help, please help!" she yelled, over and over, for hours. No one came.

The pain grew more intense. The water was frigid. The main supply pipe for the building's fire suppression system had ruptured - and water was pouring into the basement. She lost track of time but thought she might be there for days.

"The only thing I wanted was to get out of there," she said.

Finally, in the middle of the night, she saw a light and screamed anew for help.

Search-and-rescue dogs had alerted their handlers that a survivor might be in the rubble. Now, as rescuers carefully worked their way down to the basement, they heard Borges's cries.

Calling for quiet, the rescuers followed the sound of her voice. They found her in a tight space, in chest-deep water. She made her way to them and was placed in a litter.

"She was severely hypothermic and banged up," conscious but "absolutely confused," said Ken Pagurek, who helped lead rescue efforts as program manager of Pennsylvania Task Force 1, an emergency response team that deploys to disaster sites around the country.

"I think had they not gotten to her when they did, there was a very good chance the number of victims was going to be plus one," said Pagurek, also a captain in the Philadelphia Fire Department.

Her rescue gave hope to first responders who already had pulled two bodies from the rubble in the hours after the blast. Rescuers spent two more days at the pile. They found five more bodies but no additional survivors.

Borges now faces surgery on both feet and a long recovery. Her family has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help her pay the bills.

Borges, who came to the United States 31 years ago from Puebla state in south-central Mexico, has worked at Palmer for four years. She said she's seeking accountability.

"I wanted to speak so that this will be prevented in the future," she said. "For my colleague Judy, I want there to be justice."


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I got fired for reacting to this message

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Context for my reaction was I was in tears after the owner decided to nitpick and talked shit behind my back in a language that I couldn’t understand - my coworkers were nice enough to translate them for me. This cafe promoted a male employee after two female employees reported him throwing a bell at another employee. Interesting work culture.

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And it will continue to cost us billions until corporations understand it 🤷‍♂️

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Yesterday this bus driver for my daughter's high school went completely insane on the kids, left the bus and quit her job. It's absolutely glorious to watch


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Amazon Spent $14 Million On Anti-Union Consultants in 2022


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"I grew up in federally subsidized housing...Yes I have billions of dollars. I earned it. No one gave it to me."

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New here, just want to point out how so many Boomers can be harsh and cruel towards their own kids.


Hey everyone, I am new here but I’ve been following you guys for quite some time already. While I know there are those among the older generation who will do anything and everything to help out their kids, I want to remind you that many of those among the older generations simply don’t care about the genuine happiness and welfare of their kids.

I am in Bangkok, Thailand and one of my buddies here, his dad was director of WebMD (surname starts with an A) for over a decade. He’s a leading expert in cancer research in San Diego as well as being proficient in multiple other types of medicine, but my friend’s found a much happier path for himself halfway across the world and his dad simply doesn’t get it.

His dad keeps pressuring him, both directly and more subtly, to go back to the US, further his education and join the grind in a “respectable” career path. What also doesn’t help is his brother followed in his dad’s footsteps, is miserable AF but is in it for the prestige, and has a wife that constantly complains about them never having enough “stuff”.

His dad’s insistence has often made him depressed, and compounding things is the fact that the dad has BPD on top of his demanding and unsympathetic tendencies. He clearly has the financial means to help out my friend in whatever way makes him happy (and my friend is one of the most compassionate people I know), but in the name of “you gotta grind and suffer like I did or else you won’t deserve anything”, refuses to support my friend and give him his blessing.

It would be outright impossible for my friend to have a decent shot at a good life back in the States, nor is it what he wants. He told me a decent apartment in downtown San Diego would cost well over 2000 bucks a month, and the complex might still be old.

It’s hard for his dad to understand that he’s chosen to live in a way that makes him feel a lot more at peace, and his dad is salty about that.

What a dick. My friend was also horribly mistreated by his stepmother while growing up (whom his dad eventually divorced) and his dad kissed her ass while enabling that bitch of a woman to mistreat his very own son.

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